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Millstream Construction Before & After Photos

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Copper Chase Cover in Norwalk Connecticut

This home in Fairfield County Connecticut was interested in adding copper accents to their home that would tie the wooded landscape together with their beautiful home. Here are the before and after pictures of the chase without the copper cover and with it, showing the difference it has in pulling the homes accents together.

New Roof and Chase in Ridgefield Connecticut

Here is a close up before picture and the after picture of a project we completed in Ridgefield after a tree hit this home. We installed new Owens Corning Driftwood color shingles to accent the homes trim details and wooded surroundings.

New Shingle Roof & Rubber Porch Roof In Westport CT.

Here are some pictures of a job in Westport, CT that we just finished up. This roof was interesting because of a rubber porch roof that tied into the back of the main roof.

In the first image, you can see we started removing the old leaky roof with our roof to ground tarps set up. The second image shows where we installed the new rubber roof and our professional roofing crew tied the new Owens Corning True Definition Duration Shingles correctly to the home.

Roof Replacement Project in Bethel Connecticut

Here are before and after images of a home we roofed in Bethel CT in preparation for the installation of solar panels. As you can see the existing three tab shingles were old and brittle and would not accommodate the stress of having new solar panels installed. Fortunately when the home owners reached out to Millstream Construction we quickly replaced the needed roof areas with Owens Corning Quarry Grey Shingles that will last a lifetime.

Roof Replacement in New Fairfield, Connecticut

This quaint home in New Fairfield had a roof that was decades old and in need of replacement. Our team of professionals arrived promptly for an inspection and after pinpointing all the issues, we were able to explain to the homeowner our approach. They appreciated the extra time we spent and now can enjoy a gorgeous new roof for years to come!

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