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Recent Projects in Greater Hartford & Glastonbury

Greenwich Partial Roof Replacement Before
Greenwich Partial Roof Replacement After

Greenwich Partial Roof Replacement

Here is a home in Greenwich, Connecticut that received a partial roof replacement with Owens Corning Sierra Grey shingles! Notice the high level of delamination the old three-tab shingles were experiencing before replacement! Don't let old shingles cause damage to your house. Call for an estimate to get it repaired right away!

Stamford, CT Roofing Installation Before
Stamford, CT Roofing Installation After

Stamford, CT Roofing Installation

Here is a ranch style home with Owens Corning Onyx Black shingles installed! You can see how damaged and old the shingles were before the replacement. The homeowners made the right choice in getting an estimate from Millstream Construction!

Stamford CT Re-Roofing in Sierra Grey Shingling Before
Stamford CT Re-Roofing in Sierra Grey Shingling After

Stamford CT Re-Roofing in Sierra Grey Shingling

Here is a roof that we replaced in Stamford Connecticut due to damage from organic growth with Owens Corning Sierra Grey shingles! Moss on your roof is a good sign that the shingles have been compromised. At worst, you may even have wood rot. If there is any growth on your roof, call for an estimate today!

Copper Chase Cover Installation in Norwalk, Connecticut Before
Copper Chase Cover Installation in Norwalk, Connecticut After

Copper Chase Cover Installation in Norwalk, Connecticut

This home in Fairfield County Connecticut was interested in adding copper accents to their home that would tie the wooded landscape together with their beautiful home. Here are the before and after pictures of the chase without the copper cover and with it, showing the difference it has in pulling the homes accents together.

New Roof and Chase Installed in Ridgefield, Connecticut Before
New Roof and Chase Installed in Ridgefield, Connecticut After

New Roof and Chase Installed in Ridgefield, Connecticut

Here is a close up before picture and the after picture of a project we completed in Ridgefield after a tree hit this home. We installed new Owens Corning Driftwood color shingles to accent the homes trim details and wooded surroundings.

Westport, CT New Roof Replacement Before
Westport, CT New Roof Replacement After

Westport, CT New Roof Replacement

Here are some pictures of a job in Westport, CT that we just finished up. This roof was interesting because of a rubber porch roof that tied into the back of the main roof.

In the first image, you can see we started removing the old leaky roof with our roof to ground tarps set up. The second image shows where we installed the new rubber roof and our professional roofing crew tied the new Owens Corning True Definition Duration Shingles correctly to the home.

Roof Replacement Project in Bethel, Connecticut Before
Roof Replacement Project in Bethel, Connecticut After

Roof Replacement Project in Bethel, Connecticut

Here are before and after images of a home we roofed in Bethel CT in preparation for the installation of solar panels. As you can see the existing three tab shingles were old and brittle and would not accommodate the stress of having new solar panels installed. Fortunately when the home owners reached out to Millstream Construction we quickly replaced the needed roof areas with Owens Corning Quarry Grey Shingles that will last a lifetime.

Roof Replacement in New Fairfield, Connecticut Before
Roof Replacement in New Fairfield, Connecticut After

Roof Replacement in New Fairfield, Connecticut

This quaint home in New Fairfield had a roof that was decades old and in need of replacement. Our team of professionals arrived promptly for an inspection and after pinpointing all the issues, we were able to explain to the homeowner our approach. They appreciated the extra time we spent and now can enjoy a gorgeous new roof for years to come!

Three Layers of Roofing Replaced in Bridgeport, Connecticut Before
Three Layers of Roofing Replaced in Bridgeport, Connecticut After

Three Layers of Roofing Replaced in Bridgeport, Connecticut

This Fairfield county home recently got a much needed makeover by the courteous, professional crew at Millstream Construction. The home was suffering from leaking, so the homeowners reached out to us to help rectify the problem. Upon inspection, we discovered not only the areas of the leaks but also three layers of roofing on the home! After weighing a few different options at different price points, the owners decided to go with an entirely new roof system and a Lifetime Platinum Protection Warranty backed by Owens Corning. Here you can see the before and after images of the failing three layers of shingles and the band new gutters and Owens Corning True Definition Duration Series Driftwood shingles.

Onyx Black Roofing Install Project in Bridgeport Before
Onyx Black Roofing Install Project in Bridgeport After

Onyx Black Roofing Install Project in Bridgeport

To prepare for the installation of a PV system, the owners of this home had the experts at Millstream Construction install an Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System! If your home is due for exterior remodeling, don't forget about the roof! Call Millstream Construction for an estimate today!

Happy Customers in Greater Hartford & Glastonbury

Expert Roofing Repair, Replacement & Siding Contractor Serving East Hartford, Avon, Hartford and Nearby in CT

We provide roof repair and roof replacement East and West of the River

Millstream Construction is a Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor

Your roof is one of the most essential parts of your home, which is why Millstream Construction is here to provide quality, cost-effective roofing services for residential and commercial purposes. We offer roof repair, roof replacement, and emergency roofing services for all types of roofing materials, and we have the experience and expertise needed to give you an effective, long lasting solution for your home or business. We also work with leading manufacturers to provide you with some of the best materials on the market.

Millstream Construction was founded in 2009 by experienced roofers with the goal of providing honest, quality work and 100% customer satisfaction*. The company has steadily expanded its team of dedicated professionals over the years to increase productivity and ensure customer satisfaction with exceptional, affordably costed construction. So far, we have seen a steady growth of satisfied customers with over 80% residential and 20% commercial projects completed across our service area.

If you're interested in learning more about the roofing services we can provide for your home or business, give us a call today at 1-860-748-3459 or click below. We offer free estimates on all our work in East Hartford, Avon, Manchester, Springfield, Farmington, Cromwell and nearby!

Financing Available

At Millstream Construction, we offer a variety of easy-to-use financing options for homeowners in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire.

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“This contractor was professional, thorough, knowledgeable, organized, and pleasant.”

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Lisa L. of Danbury, CT

“They knew what they were doing and the materials seem to be of high quality.”

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Peter S. of Bethel, CT

“Everything was done professionally and I was very satisfied with how Millstream Construction conducts business!”

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Paul T. of New Fairfield, CT

“I normally don't fill out these reviews but i felt it's important to spread the word about Millstream Construction and there awesome workers”

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Paul D. of Naugatuck, CT

“This company deserves nothing but praise. The owner Chris, contacted and kept me informed about my project, he was polite, professional and above all listen to...”

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Joseph P. of East Haven, CT

“Millstream Construction was very honest, up front, and timely. Communication and timeliness were big positives for them.”

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Sharon S. of Bristol, CT

“One of the best contractors I have worked with personally and professionally.”

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Franklin C. of Bristol, CT

“We are completely satisfied.”

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Loomis Chaffee School of Bristol, CT

“I would like to recognize the owner for his exceptional service.”

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Christopher S. of Glastonbury, CT

“We felt very comfortable with the completed work.”

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Karen K. of Windsor, CT

“All of their products, everyone was very friendly. Everything was good.”

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Jackie K. of Manchester, CT

“They (Millstream Construction) came when they said they would and finished when they said they would. The owner (Chris) came out when he said he would and was...”

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Al P. of Amston, CT

“We have used Millstream Construction twice and each time they have done a superb job.”

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Dixie Q. of Enfield, CT

“It was a good product, and they provided fast service at a reasonable price. They were very efficient.”

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Mike T. of Coventry, CT

“Millstream Construction did an excellent job and they are very professional in their work”

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James R. of Norwich, CT

“I could not complain and I am satisfied with everything!”

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The R. of Newmarket, NH

“They were exemplary from beginning to end!”

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Diane W. of Windham, NH

“The crew leader was very helpful. I was most satisfied with their work ethic and they were highly professional.”

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Cheryl T. of Meriden, CT

“They were exemplary from beginning to end! The project manager was really right on the ball!”

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Diane W. of Windham, NH

Protect Your Home with a Durable Roof

The roof is something many homeowners don't think about, but the truth is that damage to roof can lead to all kinds of other problems. If you've seen damaged shingles or small leaks, they could be symptoms of a bigger problem. Plus, we offer metal roofing and ridge ventilation which have both become popular roofing trends in recent years because they help your home function better and give it a nice looking upgrade.

Millstream Construction provides all the roof repair and roof replacement services you need to keep your roof in excellent condition. We will thoroughly inspect your roof, identify problem areas, and provide a quality solution.

Whether you need minor roof repairs or complete roof replacement, we will provide you with a roof that gives you the protection, durability, and appearance you want. We even offer roof snow removal and ice dam prevention!

We offer our complete roofing services in East Hartford, Avon, Manchester, West Hartford, Wethersfield, West Simsbury, New Canaan, Farmington, Glastonbury, TollandNew Haven, and throughout the surrounding areas.

Angie's List Award in East Hartford

Handle Any Type of Weather with Emergency Roofing Services

Most of the roofing problems homeowners face are caused by severe weather. High winds, snow, hail, and other natural forces can cause significant damage to all types of roofing materials.

We offer complete emergency roofing services, including hail damage repair, ice damming prevention, and snow removal. No matter Mother Nature throws at your roof, we will ensure that your home is protected and your roof will last.

Get the Quality Roof You Deserve Today!

If you think your home or commercial property is need of roof repair or roof replacement, give Millstream Construction a call today! We service all types of roofing materials and have a solution for every problem, and we always ensure that you get the highest quality materials and best customer service.

We provide free estimates and complete roof inspections with all our work, and you can count on us to provide the right solution for your specific problem. Contact us now to get started with your estimate!

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