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Millstream Construction Case Studies: Garage Roof Reconstruction Brookfield CT

Monday, March 21st, 2016 by Bert Baez


In early 2015 a winter storm left a significant accumulation of snow across the state. The large amounts of snow from the storm had caused significant damages to roofs of residential and commercial buildings. Glenn S, from Brookfield, CT, was unfortunate to have the roof of his garage collapse under the excessive weight of the snow build up. 


As a previous Millstream customer, the owner contacted Chris and told him how the snow destroyed the roof of his garage. The Millstream crew realized the floor above the garage had to be rebuilt from the ceiling of the first floor up. Although the repair project was fairly extensive, the team removed the existing roofing framing and materials down to the second floor decking and rebuilt the framing to match as close as practical to was existing. Millstream added a new Knee wall in front to increase the ceiling height of the garage as an added benefit. The owner was amazed at the time it took to rebuild his garage. He was extremely impressed with the final results.

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