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Millstream Construction Case Studies: Improperly Vented Bathroom Exhaust Fan in Danbury, CT | Wood Rot Repair

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 by Chris Gonsalves


While assessing a roof in Fairfield County, CT we came across a startling issue - all of the plywood decking was rotted! Upon further inspection of the attic space we found the culprits. 


One of them was a bathroom exhaust fan that wasn't correctly installed by a previous contractor, the result was all the moist, hot air was becoming trapped in the attic. Not only does an issue like this make the attic space damp causing mold growth but it also can contribute to temperature differences in the attic leading to ice dams and more potential for leaks. The second issue was improperly installed installation directly against the underside of the plywood decking. Insulation installed this way doesn't allow the roof to breathe unless it is done by a professional that will use the needed accessories to ensure adequate ventilation for the attic space to protect the roof system.

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