New Home Donated to a Family

In early 2023, eight team members with Millstream Construction journeyed to Mexico’s Baja region to participate in a life-changing experience. Over just three days, they built a new home for a family in dire need. They fully insulated the house, constructed solar panels to provide electricity, and installed a water tank to ensure clean drinking water.

Many families migrate north to Baja, California from southern Mexico or Latin America, seeking a new and better life. Families typically arrive in this region to pursue job opportunities in agriculture. Unfortunately, the lack of suitable housing and the absence of available amenities often result in families subsisting in squalled conditions.

Partnering With Baja Bound

For over 25 years, Baja Bound has addressed the challenges of marginalized communities in Baja California. A nonprofit organization, Baja Bound, identifies families most in need of housing and connects them with individual donors and organizations in the US who have the resources to construct housing at no expense to these families.

Millstream Construction partnered with Baja Bound because of a shared vision for serving others. As Nick Ortiz, General Manager with Millstream Construction, notes, “We’re not only here just to do construction projects. We’re here to impact the community. We’ve done things every year to give back, Baja Bound being the one that we did this year.”

Accepting The Responsibility For The Greater Good

To prepare for this vital mission, Millstream Construction spent 2022 raising funds to purchase the building materials and supplies needed to construct the home. They also bought three weeks of food to nourish impoverished families in an area migrant camp. Delivering the food supplies personally proved to be deeply impactful.

Previously, Millstream Construction proudly worked with several local charities to benefit area residents. “If you’re looking to work with a company that does more than just work, we want to give back to the community and work for people that see that opportunity,” remarks Nick Ortiz, describing Millstream Construction’s organizational vision. 

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