Exploring the Advantages of A/C Heat Pump Units: Stay Comfortable All Year Round

By Millstream Construction

A heat pump is a unique heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit that uses refrigerant gasses to heat or cool your home. It utilizes a heat-exchanging valve to produce cool air when you need to cool your home and warm or hot air when you need heat.

What Is An A/C Heat Pump Unit?

An A/C unit typically contains refrigerant gasses to help cool interior areas. A heat pump also relies upon refrigerant gasses that expand and compress to cool indoor spaces. Historically, heat pumps were primarily used in the Southeastern US with moderate climates. However, technological advances have transformed heat pumps in a way that broadens the range of people who can benefit from them.

Today, homeowners in most regions around the country can benefit from installing a reliable, cost-effective heat pump. If your current central or window A/C unit is nearing the end of its life, switching to a heat pump provides an affordable alternative. If your boiler or furnace needs replacement, consider installing a heat pump. Take advantage of the most environmentally friendly heating and cooling option available.

Heat pumps mounted on the outside of a house

7 Benefits Of Installing A Heat Pump

If you have been exploring the possibility of adding an a/c heat pump to your home, consider the following advantages:

1. A Heat Pump Functions As A Viable Replacement For An A/C And/Or Furnace

Today’s heat pump technology makes it possible to consider it a viable HVAC instrument. An a/c heat pump unit can perform as an air conditioning system and a furnace unit. Heating and cooling all in one? If you need a new heating system or source of cool air, a heat pump provides a cost-effective alternative to replacing individual HVAC units.

2. A Heat Pump Complements A Home’s Air Conditioning And/Or Furnace Unit

Assume you have a furnace and an air conditioner, and both units still work. Does that mean you don’t need a heat pump? Quite the contrary. A heat pump can augment existing HVAC systems. A heat pump offers an accessible and affordable alternative to a furnace or air conditioner.

3. A Heat Pump Delivers Consistent, Uniform Heating Or Cooling To A Home

Do you struggle with maintaining the same temperature across different rooms? For example, does one room feel drafty while another seems stuffy? Do you need a space heater in one room and a portable fan in another? A heat pump solves this problem by regulating temperatures across the house to avoid uneven heating and cooling. 

woman pointing a remote at a heat pump until on the wall behind her

4. A Heat Pump Offers A Quieter Alternative To An Air Conditioner, Furnace, Fan, Or Space Heater

Noise pollution. Nothing is quite as annoying as the constant whirring of fans or other heating/cooling appliances. A heat pump is designed to provide lasting comfort while maintaining a pleasant, whisper-quiet atmosphere. An heat pump’s compressor is placed outside to avoid hearing its mechanisms.

5. A Heat Pump Provides Added Energy Efficiency – Even In Extreme Weather

Because technologically advanced heat pumps operate efficiently, they can heat homes even at low temperatures. In the case of extremely low temperatures, a heat pump utilizes electric resistance backup to ensure a house receives sufficient warmth.

6. A Heat Pump Utilizes Clean Energy Rather Than Traditional Fossil Fuels

Most homes rely upon a furnace to provide heat during cooler weather. A furnace usually burns fossil fuels such as propane, natural gas, or oil to provide a house with warmth. An a/c heat pump unit does not need a fossil fuel.

Hiring A Heat Pump Installation Specialist

If you reside in Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island, you understand how seasons change. Springtime thaw leads to hot, humid summer months, followed by a cooler autumn season and, eventually, frigid, unforgiving winter weather. A heat pump provides year-round comfort regardless of the outdoor temperature.

To learn more about the advantages of installing an a/c heat pump unit – to complement or replace any of your existing HVAC systems – contact Millstream Construction today. We will set up a complimentary consultation to answer your questions, consider your options, and determine if a heat pump best suits your situation.

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