Ice Damming On Your Roof: What Is It? And Why Should You Care?

By Millstream Construction

Image of icicles hanging from a roof with a yellow arrow to this text: "Ice damming on your roof. What is it and why should you care?"

The icicles hanging from your gutters may look nice in the winter, but this condition can be a sign of trouble. Ice dams may be forming near the edges of your roof. Here are the causes of ice damming and how to prevent it from forming in the future.

Cause And Effect Of An Ice Dam 

When the temperature in your attic is higher than the outside temperature, snow on your roof will melt in certain areas. The water will run down your roof and refreeze near the eaves around the edges. This ice builds up to form an ice dam. The added weight of the ice can damage your gutters. Moisture can seep into your home as the gutters become loose and pull away. Leaks can develop, leading to mold formation and interior damage. Roof shingles will also be damaged by cracking and deteriorating over time.

Signs Of Ice Dam Formation 

The best way to know if your roof is at risk for Ice Damming is to simply take a walk around your home and look up at the roof while snow is present. Don’t try to climb a ladder, especially in winter weather. You may damage the roof and gutters or injure yourself. A professional roofer can perform a thorough inspection. If there are any areas of snow melting, flowing, and refreezing, your roof is in endanger of this condition. Visible blockages in the gutters are another sign of danger.

How to Prevent Ice Damming

  • Keep gutters and downspouts clear of debris – Sticks, leaves, and twigs can cause a blockage, and water will back up and freeze.
  • Proper Attic Ventilation- Keeping the attic temperature close to the outside temperature keeps snow from melting and refreezing near the edge where it is cooler. 
  • Attic insulation – This stabilizes the inside temperature in the attic, along with proper ventilation, 
  • Seal gaps in your ceilings– Most homes have gaps around light fixtures and spaces around plumbing fixtures. Seal these to prevent heat loss from your living space into the attic.

Please contact Millstream Construction to discuss ice damming formation. We are located in Glastonbury, Connecticut, and serve a large portion of New England. Proudly serving customers since 2009, our friendly staff is happy to answer all your questions about ice damming and any of our services. Let’s work together to keep your roof in top condition! 


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