New Insulation Can Save You Money!

By Millstream Construction

As a homeowner, you are always looking for ways to save on energy costs. Here is a statistic that may surprise you. An attic with poor or no insulation can account for up to 25% of your home’s energy loss. There is heat loss in cold weather and cool air loss when the a/c is running in warm months. The initial cost of installing insulation is recovered quickly with a significant reduction in the monthly utility bill throughout the year.

An excellent place to start looking for areas lacking proper insulation is around doors and windows. The area around pipes is also prone to energy loss due to insulation degradation over the years. Here are several indications there is energy loss happening in your home.

Signs of Energy Loss

  • Higher monthly utility costs – A sure sign of energy loss is monthly utility bills which are increasing each month, especially compared to last year’s charges for the same month. This energy loss forces your HVAC system to work harder to provide a comfortable temperature in the living spaces. There is also increased wear and tear on your heating and cooling components, which adds to the problem. 
  • Cold Spots – A room that feels colder than the other rooms in your home is a sign the insulation in your attic is not doing its job. There may be settling occurring, leaving uninsulated areas. Certain sections may need insulation if construction was done and the construction crew did not replace the insulation upon completion.
  • Frozen Pipes – This is a sure sign insulation needs to be improved. Outside pipes need to be protected from freezing temperatures. When the pipes in your walls are freezing, your home is under-insulated, and you risk having a pipe burst. Major repairs may be necessary in this case. Interior damage can occur, and water damage may ruin your belongings. If you suspect pipes are freezing, get an inspection quickly, especially with the approach of cold weather.
  • Critters in the Attic – Scratching noises in the attic could mean critters have found an entrance. The opening will get larger over time. This ties in with energy bills increasing rapidly. Damage to insulation may also be occurring with critters roaming around the attic.
  • Drafts around Windows -If you feel drafts near the windows, there is a problem with the seal or insulation around the frame. This is a common area for energy loss. Check around doors for worn weather stripping, leaving gaps that cause drafts. A certified contractor can use special test equipment to inspect these areas for potential problems.

These are indications of poor insulation. A home with these conditions can be uncomfortable and have high monthly energy costs. The quicker you remedy the situation, the less chance further repairs will be necessary, and the comfort level will increase dramatically in your living space. Here is a quick summary of the problems you may face because of poor insulation.

  • Certain rooms feel cold or excessively hot in the warm weather
  • Burst pipes inside the walls
  • The increased cost of monthly energy bills
  • Increased wear and tear on HVAC components

The Solution

An experienced contractor will determine the proper R-Value of insulation necessary for the climate conditions in this part of the country. If your insulation is in good condition, your contractor may recommend adding more in your attic or crawlspace. This must be determined by inspection before adding another layer to ensure this is the right solution. An experienced contractor familiar with local building codes and weather conditions can advise you on the best way to proceed for your specific area.

If your current insulation has degraded to a certain point, installing more is not helpful. A contractor must remove the old insulation before installing new insulation of the proper value. This step, along with resealing around doors, windows, pipes, and electrical outlets on exterior walls, will restore your home to a high degree of energy efficiency.

The Bottom Line

New insulation can save you money. The energy loss around doors, windows, and pipes and the severe loss from an under-insulated attic or crawlspace can significantly affect your monthly utility bill. Installing new insulation will pay for itself in a short amount of time by quickly reducing those high energy costs. In the Northeast, proper insulation is even more necessary with our cold winter weather.

Please contact Millstream Construction for a free estimate on new insulation for your home. Conveniently located in Glastonbury, Connecticut, we have been proudly serving customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island since 2009. Our friendly staff will happily answer all your questions regarding new insulation or any of our other services. Let’s reduce your energy cost and improve your home’s comfort level!


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