Solar Roofing Simplified: A Beginner’s Guide To Harnessing The Sun’s Power

By Millstream Construction

Solar Roofing Simplified: A Beginner's Guide to Harnessing the Sun's Power

As a residential homeowner or commercial business owner, you may be interested in solar power. However, you might not understand the ins and outs of how solar energy works. With the emergence of solar roofing, more people and businesses now have convenient access to this alternative energy source.

Defining Today’s Solar Power

solar panels

Humans have harnessed sunlight (electromagnetic radiation) to produce energy for over three millennia. Simply stated, solar power converts energy from the sun into useful power (electricity and heat). As a green, renewable, and infinitely inexhaustible energy source, solar power creates no harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Today, scientific advances have enhanced the possibilities of solar technologies to meet the worldwide energy demand – especially sustainable and renewable forms. Humanity stands on the precipice of forever accessing the most abundant renewable energy source and fulfilling its unquenchable domestic, commercial, and industrial goals.

How Solar Roofing Efficiently Harnesses Solar Power

Solar cells/panels (typically manufactured from a semiconductor known as silicon) absorb incoming rays from the sun, generating an electrical current. This process is known as the photovoltaic effect. The harnessing of this electric current produces usable energy (commonly in the form of electricity) for your home. 

If your solar system is tied to the grid, excess power can run to the grid and give you credits (as a financial incentive) for offering your supply overage (a policy known as net metering.) These credits (available to residential and commercial customers) offset the cost of power drawn from the utility grid.

Most solar systems are customizable. No matter the size or layout of your home or building, a professional solar roofing company will tailor the technology to meet your energy needs. Although solar output fluctuates seasonally, most regions are well-suited for roof panels as a means to access solar power.

5 Advantages Of Capturing Solar Energy For Homeowners And Commercial Business Owners

Access Federal, State, And Local Tax Benefits

In many locations, governmental programs exist to subsidize the cost of installing a solar system (which may include a portion of the expenses associated with the equipment, labor, and sales taxes.) Whether in the form of a tax credit (i.e., Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC), Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), Production Tax Credit (PTC), and Advanced Manufacturing Production Tax Credit (MPTC)), rebate, or another financial incentive, federal, state, and local agencies want homeowners and businesses to implement solar power. 

Develop Energy Independence

The grid. Generally reliable. Typically accessible. But becoming increasingly overloaded. As the world’s population continues to explode toward 10 billion by 2050, the demand for energy spirals upward to levels unseen in human history. Fulfillable? Practical? Perhaps. But only if new technologies come into existence and achieve mainstream acceptance. One such avenue is solar power. In fact, solar energy likely will fuel the infrastructure developments necessary to meet the rising demand for affordable sources of heat and electricity.

Generate Cost Savings On Utility Expenses

Money makes the world go round. Or so they say. The bottom line is that you have bills to pay. To afford the ever-increasing cost of electricity and heat, you either need to make more money or cut expenses. On the other hand, you could reduce the price you (or your business) pay for personal energy consumption. How? Create an alternative energy source. Solar roofing is a practical and affordable solution. Most solar power consumers experience a substantial reduction in their electricity and heat bills once they switch.

Help Protect An Increasingly Fragile Environment

More than ever, responsible and conscientious citizens and organizations want to do their part to live eco-friendly. Whether operating a flex-fuel vehicle, reducing energy consumption, or participating in a recycling program, protecting the environment remains a priority for an increasing number of individuals and businesses worldwide. Unlike other energy sources that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, solar roofing is a remarkably effective means to minimize the environmental impact of accessing energy.

Increase The Market Value Of Your Home Or Property

Increasingly, home buyers prefer to acquire homes with a solar power source. Often, they will pay a premium simply for the opportunity to own this type of forward-thinking and technologically advanced home. They know that a solar energy system provides unlimited and independent access to affordable electricity and heat without harming the world around them. Homes with a solar power system typically have an added market value of 5-25% compared to homes accessing traditional sources of electricity and heat.

Choosing A Roofing Company To Install Solar Roofing

If you own a home or business in Connecticut, Millstream Construction provides customized and affordable solar solutions. We install solar panels that harness the sun’s rays and convert that energy into savings on utility bills. If you have been exploring solar power as a viable alternative to traditional sources of electricity, talk with one of our experts today regarding your options.

For all of your other residential, commercial, and industrial roofing needs throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, Millstream Construction offers unmatched craftsmanship and unparalleled roofing products. Whether you need roof repair, restoration, replacement, installation, or an inspection from a Haag Certified Inspector, you can trust us to deliver exceptional service.

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