Common Asphalt Roofing Installation Issues

By Millstream Construction

Roof Inspection Case Studies: Common Asphalt Roofing Installation Issues


We inspect a lot of roofs each week, this article will focus on some of the most common but easily avoidable issues we come across!

Number 1: Incorrect fastener location. Many under trained installers don’t know the correct number, or placement of fasteners. This leads to leaks in time as well as the possibility for shingles to be torn off the roof in high winds! Another issues involved with this is incorrect fastener length, if the fasteners are too short they will begin to push their way through the shingles above, leading to premature shingle failure.

Number 2: Incorrect shingle layout. Not too many people realize that for water the shed properly off a roof and to honor manufacturer warranties a certain shingle pattern and head lap needs to maintained throughout the roof, without that being done water and debris can be trapped between shingles and lead to leaks and rotting of the roof deck, as well keeping shingles from properly sealing to one another.

Number 3: Incorrectly installed flashings. The purpose of flashing on a roof is to continue the water shedding properties of the shingles where there is an interruption, such as a chimney or some type of ventilation. When installed incorrectly however, they fail to shed water and actually hold water! Leading to obvious issues such as leaks and rotten wood.


The solution to every one of these issues is to have a well qualified and thoroughly trained contractor perform the work, ensure that the company you are considering using has references, is fully licensed and insured, and can show you pictures of their previous work and well designed case studies such as this! If you think you may have any of these issues, or just want to make sure you don’t, don’t hesitate to call us a Millstream Construction today! Our estimates are always free and there are never any obligations!

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