Common Roofing Installation Issues

By Millstream Construction

Roof Repair Case Studies: Common Roofing Installation Issues


We were recently called to replace a garage roof in Whitman Massachusetts, the owners were confident in selecting our team and asked us to take a look at their homes roof as well even though it had only been installed a few years prior.


Unfortunately we found quite a few issues with the installation. Many shingles had under driven nails that had worked their way through the shingle above, thus creating a penetration in the roof system for water to enter the home. We also found that they had neglected to seal the nails on the final cap shingle at the ridge of the roof, not only allowing a place for the elements to get in but also allowing the nails to rust and possibly fail to secure the cap shingle leading to even bigger problems. But none of these problems were the worst offender, the biggest issue was improper spacing of the seams between the shingles which can allow water to seep in and destroy the decking underneath. If you have any concerns that these issues may be present on your roof, don’t hesitate to call Millstream Construction and allow one of our certified roofing specialists to inspect and repair your roof if needed.

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