East Haven, CT Roofing Inspection

By Millstream Construction

Roof Inspection Case Studies: East Haven, CT Roofing Inspection


A customer of ours called to have their roof inspected prior to going through the process of getting multiple roof estimates and hearing everything from “you need a new roof now!” to “a small repair should work.” Choosing to replace a roof is a big deal, it’s a large investment and you want to make sure you choose a company that will be honest, upfront, and fair with you. Here at Millstream Construction we bridge that gap and educate all of our customers as to how the roofing process works, the products we will use, and we will never sell you something you don’t need!


On this inspection we found a number of issues that make repair unreasonable. The lichen growth on the roof has lead to premature shingle failure since the organic growth strips the shingles of their granules, exposing the fiberglass mat beneath. Since this was a second layer on the roof and the nails used weren’t long enough to penetrate the decking, the normal shifting of the roof has caused them to poke through the shingles above them. We found over 30 exposed nails! Another issue we noticed was the use of tar around flashing components. A flexible sealant is best for these applications since tar will contract over time and damage the shingles and flashing components leading to leaks and expensive wood rot. If you want to ensure your roof will continue to perform and protect your home and family call us today!

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