Importance of Correct Chimney Flashing – Roof Repair in Vernon, Connecticut

By Millstream Construction

Roof Replacement Case Studies: Importance of Correct Chimney Flashing – Roof Repair in Vernon, Connecticut


In 2016 we installed a new roofing system on this Vernon, CT home featuring Owens Corning Teak shingles. Just like you would buy a new car with wheels your new roof should come as a system, including flashing around chimneys and anywhere else needed. Many contractors will try to reuse things such as lead or copper flashing around a chimney, but, if your roof needs to be replaced, shouldn’t the accessories? The answer is yes!


In the two images you will see how we install and entirely new roofing system rather than just a roof. We believe in replacing your roof once, that way you have peace of mind and we have a happy customer! Notice how we don’t just install new counter flashing to look pretty, but we wrap our ice and water barrier up the sides of the chimney, creating a seamless transition from the roof deck. Next we install counter flashing between the shingles to shed away water. Finally, we install the counter flashing that goes over the step flashing and is sealed to make a three layered system of protection around the chimney, offering peace of mind for years to come.

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