Improperly Vented Bathroom Fan – Roof Replacement in Higganum, CT

By Millstream Construction

Roof Repair Case Studies: Improperly Vented Bathroom Fan – Roof Replacement in Higganum, CT


While engaging in a re-roofing project for a customer preparing to install solar panels on his home we noticed that all of the plywood was delaminated and had excessive mold growth, to many the answer may seem obvious. The homeowner had mentioned that there were many ice dams forming on his roof so the simple answer would seem to be leaking, but, why where the ice dams forming since the insulation and ventilation was more than adequate?


As we continued to remove ruined plywood we found the underlying culprit for the extensive damage, an unvented bathroom fan. A separate contractor had remodeled the customers bathroom and put in a fan, while he said he would install and exterior vent for it, he never did. Since he never attached a vent to the fan all the moist warm air from the bathroom was entering the attic space and causing excessive heat and moisture to build up, leading not only to ice damming but also to the perfect environment for mold to grow and ruin both the wood and insulation. After replacing all of the plywood decking we installed a vent to the roof system so that the problem wouldn’t happen again, protecting the homeowners investment and giving him peace of mind for years to come.

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