Proactively Protecting Against Ice Damage – Roof Installation on Middletown, CT Garage

By Millstream Construction

Roof Replacement Case Studies: Proactively Protecting Against Ice Damage – Roof Installation on Middletown, CT Garage


We completed a roofing project on a newly constructed garage in Middletown CT, the builder was concerned with ensuring the longevity of the roof and building even in the extreme weather that Middlesex county experiences.


Fortunately, the builder reached out to us at Millstream Construction to install a quality roof. Once on site we began to install ice and water barrier to the home and synthetic underlayments. We wrapped the ice and water barrier down on to the fascia boards of the structure, to prevent and ice, snow and overflowing water from contacting the seam where the roof meets the fascia and leading to rotting wood, mold and costly repairs. We also created a seamless transition from the roof deck to the sidewalls on the dormer of the home by wrapping the ice and water barrier, ensuring that any snow or ice that could build up in the corners wouldn’t compromise the protection of the building. After that we installed brand new architectural shingles to the structure, giving it style and protection that would last a lifetime.

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