Roofing Inspection in Thomaston CT

By Millstream Construction

Roof Inspection Case Studies: Roofing Inspection in Thomaston CT


A customer of ours was looking into buying a home in Thomaston, Connecticut. Many times, home inspectors won’t get on the roof or really know what potential issues to look for when it comes to roofing, that’s where Millstream comes in! The roof is one of the most important exterior components of the home, it protects everything! It’s definitely worth getting it inspected by one of Millstreams certified, professional team members.


We found a few issues on this home that caused concern. The overall installation of the roofing system wasn’t the best, and there were clear indications that poor quality work had been done to repair problem areas. We also noticed granule loss due to foot traffic, which allows the shingles to deteriorate rapidly when exposed to the elements. A small but noteworthy discovery was that of lichen growth on the shingles, it wasn’t at a point where it would cause major problems, but the first step when something like that is noticed is to take care of it before it does cause issues. Overall we recommended the replacement of this roof within the next couple of years primarily because of the poor quality repair! Had the current owners taken their time and done research, they would have saved money and headaches by hiring a qualified reputable roof specialist such as Millstream Construction.

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