Tree Damage on Home – Roof Replacement in Avon Connecticut

By Millstream Construction

Roof Repair Case Studies: Tree Damage on Home – Roof Replacement in Avon Connecticut


We had gotten the call late in the afternoon, a frantic voice on the other side of the phone unsure of what to do, a tree had fallen on their home!


We quickly got the ball rolling to fix this issue. That day we went out to assess the damage – it wasn’t good. Many shingles had been damaged by broken branches and more importantly the huge tree broke a rafter! The first step was to cover the hole in the roof to prevent any damage to the interior happening by water damage, the next was to repair the damaged rafter and decking and finally to install a new roof system. Fortunately the job went smoothly and we were able to fix all the issues, and we managed to beat the snow! It’s always a good idea to have your property assessed by a professional to check for trees that can cause issues like this down the road, but if problems do happen, you know who to call!

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