Two Layers of Decking and Structural Issues on Westbrook Home

By Millstream Construction

Roof Replacement Case Studies: Two Layers of Decking and Structural Issues on Westbrook Home


While removing the existing roof on this Westbrook home, we noticed something interesting. There were two roofs on the home, including a second layer of plywood decking! While removing this lower layer of roofing material we noticed yet another issue, the home framing was not up to par!


We quickly formed a plan to make the needed repairs to the framing of the home. We needed to quickly get the new roof installed in time for whatever New England’s wild weather had planned for it. We installed new CDX grade decking to the repaired framing and proceeded to install the new roof as planned. The chosen color of Harbor Blue not only looks great on the home, but will also protect it for years to come!

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