Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

Q: What’s the process for re-roofing?  Describe the general process.

Step 1: Protection

We protect decks, windows, siding, and any other exposed area with heavy-duty tarps, plywood, and other tools in order to do our best to protect your home wherever we can. We kindly ask that you remove any fragile items away from the area and understand that roofing is a significant home remodeling project. 

Step 2: Removal

We remove all roofing material down to the deck of the roof. This means we will get a comprehensive look at your roof deck, chimney, roof penetrations, and more!

Step 3: Assessment

We will inspect the entire roof surface for rot or other damage that would require further work to make sure that your roof is installed properly, to code, and to manufacturer specifications. 

Step 4: New Installation

From the roof deck all the way to the last boot, all new materials will be installed as needed to meet manufacturer and local building specifications.

Step 5: Clean Up

Let’s face it, a roofing project is a messy one! Did you know the average roof has over 10,000 nails on it? Our crews will meticulously remove as much of the old roofing material from your yard as possible!

Q: Any jobs you have right now that I can go see?

We have plenty of past happy customers. Just take a look at our reviews. If you’d like to see some of our recent projects, we will be glad to give you a list and photos of previous projects!

Q: What training and experience does the crew have?

Our crews have been working with us for many years. Altogether, each crew has hundreds of roofing years under their belts. Our production managers ensure that every roof is installed according to Millstream Standards, local building codes, and manufacturer specifications.

Q: If you do both roofing and gutters, how long will my project take? 

We prefer to do these jobs sequentially and try to work as quickly as possible. We also want to ensure that the roofing system is properly installed. With our systems and processes, we are able to replace an average roof in 1-2 days and have new gutters installed within a week, to minimize the amount of time we are on site.

Q: Is a building permit required, and if so, will you be pulling one?  Will it meet Glastonbury and the State of CT code?

We pull permits on every project that local building enforcement requires. We can supply a copy of this permit at your request. We will also close the permit at the end of the project. 

Q: I assume you have proper licensing and certification? Insurance? Workers’ Comp?   

Yes! We, as well as our installation teams, carry the proper licensing, liability insurance, and workers’ compensation.

Q: How will you access my roof?

Our trained roofers will be able to access the roof from the outside of your home. They carry a large array of ladders and tools in order to safely access the lowest and tallest parts of your roof.

Q: How will you remove any materials that are torn off of my roof? Will you have a dumpster on site?

All materials removed from your roof will be placed in a dumpster that we have coordinated with our recycling facility. Typically, the dumpster will arrive the morning we start work and be removed the day after the job has been completed. All shingles and organic materials, such as wood and metal, will be processed and recycled.

Q: How quickly can you react, and what will you do in the event of bad weather? What happens if it rains/snows etc., and how do you protect an exposed roof?

The weather is always top of mind in the world of roofing. We constantly monitor multiple weather sources for turning conditions. If the conditions are too extreme, we will contact you to reschedule. Also, we work in sections so we can quickly close up the roof at any given time and prevent water from getting into the home. All crews also carry the necessary waterproofing membrane as well as tarps in preparation for extreme weather conditions.

Q: Are all materials verified compatible with each other, or recommended/certified to work together as a system (underlayment, shingles, ridge vents, flashing, drip edge, etc.)?

We offer “roofing systems,” which are compatible and manufacturer-specific roofing products, perfectly paired to achieve the highest warranties and guarantees by the manufacturer and us. Be sure to ask your sales representative about the specific system they recommend for your roofing solution.

Q: What kind of daily, on-site oversight is provided, and what type of inspection happens to verify that installation is to specification or code? And who besides the installers will be overseeing roof installation for quality?

Installation quality is one of the most important things we are concerned with. We have production managers that inspect the installation during and after the installation and utilize photo technology so our in-office production managers can monitor the work that’s being done all day long!

Q: Who will be my contact during the project, and how accessible will they be?  Will there be a project lead on-site each day that I can talk to?  Who can I contact in the office for other questions?

At the beginning of your project, you will be introduced to your project manager. This will be your main point of contact during your project. If at any time your project manager is not available or you need more information, our office is always in tune with the projects we are currently installing. 

Q: What’s the process, and who do I call after installation for help/questions/something wrong?

Accessibility is very important to us. Not only will you have the project manager’s contact information, but you can also reach us 24/7 through our main office line. 860-748-3459

Q: How will penetrations be handled – new flashing for all penetrations?  And will you be installing all new flashings, or are there any old flashings that you will re-use?  

Penetrations in roofs are typically the main leak points on roofs. All penetrations will be replaced with brand-new, commercial-grade penetration flashing with a brand-new roof system.

Q: How will you check the condition of my roof’s decking?

Once the roofing materials are removed, we do a visual inspection of all the roof decking for dry rot, dampness, or other damage. Any areas of concern will be pointed out with the homeowner and addressed as necessary to ensure proper nailing surfaces and solid decking.

Q: Chimney flashing was updated two years ago.  How will you handle flashing around the chimney? 

On complete roofing system replacements, new chimney step flashing and counter flashing are installed every time. 

Q: What things might cause a deviation from the contracted price?

Transparency is important to us. Your contract will show you standard pricing for common issues that arise. We will only deviate from the contract with your pre-approval for any change in the scope of work or change in pricing.

Q: Can you roof in the winter?

In New England, it is possible to roof during the winter. We monitor the temperature to ensure that it meets minimum manufacturer requirements and adapt our roof installation techniques as the weather conditions change. In most cases, the actual temperature on the roof is up to 10 degrees higher than on the ground, which typically means we can roof most days during a mild winter.

Q: How long will the project take to complete?

The size and complexity of the project play an important role in the time needed to complete it. In most cases, we staff projects to be completed in 1-3 days.

Q: Why do you need to get in the attic?

Believe it or not, the attic can tell us a lot about the condition of your home and your roof. From the attic, we can verify the ventilation, insulation, decking condition, number of layers of roofing, broken rafters or other support structures, and other essential pieces of information. In most cases, we can learn more about your home from the attic than on top of the roof itself.

Q: Should I keep, replace, or remove my skylights?

Skylights have come a long way in the last 20 years. More features are now available, including solar blinds, auto-closing, and solar-powered skylights! Not only that, our skylights come with a no-leak guarantee! In most cases, we highly recommend replacing skylights with brand-new skylights installed professionally by us. 

Q: My roof only has 1 layer. Can’t you put another layer on top?

Technically, the code allows for up to 2 layers of roofing. However, if you are facing an issue with your current roof, applying a second layer does not guarantee a fix to your problem. Also, removing the layer of shingles allows us to start from new and provide you with the warranties and guarantees by our manufacturers and us.

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