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2017 Angie's List Super Service Award
Millstream Construction has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of customer... [Read more]
2017 Guildmaster Award
Millstream Construction of East Hartford, CT was recognized among the top customer services leaders in the residential construction industry in... [Read more]
2016 Angie's List Super Service Award
Millstream Construction has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of customer... [Read more]
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Roof Repair & Replacement in Hartford County, CT

Millstream Construction can help you with all of your roofing needs. There are many reasons to seek help from a professional roofing contractor when it comes to the well-being of your roof. Perhaps you need major repairs and would like a quote, or you're looking to replace your roof with a more durable, aesthetically pleasing option. Whatever your roofing needs are, we are happy to assist you. Here at Millstream Construction we specialize in the repair, installation and routine maintenance of asphalt shingle, polyurethane foam, and EPDM roofing. Browse the services below to see how we can help you.

Millstream Construction's Services in Hartford County:

  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing Services
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Gutter & Downspout Replacement
  • Roof Leak Repairs
  • Polyurethane Roofing
  • EPDM Roofing
Job Stories From Hartford County, CT
Manchester Connecticut Re-roof

This Customer had 2 layers of asphalt shingles that needed to be replaced. We Installed a New Owens Corning Duration Series Brownwood colored shingle to help meet their needs. They were thrilled with the finished project, and we were happy to help!

Manchester Connecticut Re-roof - Photo 1
Slate Removal and Shingle Installation - Roof Replacement in Hartford, CT

The home owner wanted to remove a layer of slate from his old Victorian home but a process like that was generally unheard of. He got a hold of Millstream Construction so they can evaluate the roof to see if the job was possible. After some consideration Millstream decided it can be done. With some careful research and preparation the team began removing the slate and installed the new shingles without compromising the state of the classic home. When the job was done the home's roof looked impressive and he was pleased with the end result.

Slate Removal and Shingle Installation - Roof Replacement in Hartford, CT - Photo 1
Roof Repair In South Windsor, CT

A home owner walked by a Millstream Construction display booth at the Hartford Home Show was impressed with our presentation and wanted to know more about us. He was looking for a company to repair his roof. After the discussion with us Kevin wanted to use our services. He was very specific with how he would like the work to take place we accomodated accordingly. He was impressed with our flexibility, professionalism and our ability to meet his needs. In the end the customer was very satisfied with the completed work.

Re-Roofing Project West Hartford

This home needed to replace some very worn and weathered shingles. The home owner searched around for a knowledgeable and experienced contractor. Chris and the team at Millstream Construction stepped in and with a custom plan they replaced the roof with Owen's Corning Duration slatestone gray shingles. This project was another success for Millstream Construction!

Re-Roofing Project West Hartford - Photo 1
New Britain Multi-Family Roof Replacement Project

This multi-family home needed new shingles for their roof. The owner of the home was recommended Millstream Construction. The team at Millstream took to the project immediately. Chris, owner of Millstream Construction, provided a custom detailed plan that met the needs for this particular home. After several days, the home's roof was displaying brand new Owens Corning Tru Definition Duration shingles, and it looks great!

East Hartford CT Garage Roof Replacement Project

In East Hartford, CT a home owner reached out to Millstream Construction concerned about the state of their garage roof. He indicated the shingles were not providing any protection for his garage. When Millstream owner Chris went out to inspect the roof, he discovered it had 3 layers of shingles that were failing. The Millstream team quickly devised a plan perfectly suited for this customer's situation. The complete removal of old shingles made way for some durable architectural shingles by Owens Corning that were durable and guaranteed to last for decades. Millstream Construction came through with delivering the home owner an amazing new garage roof!

East Hartford CT Garage Roof Replacement Project - Photo 1
Windsor CT Roof Shingles Replacement

This Windsor home had solar panels that needed to be installed on the roof. Unfortunately the shingles were broken and fairly worn out. The home owner had some concerns, but after a thorough roof inspection we managed to carefully replace the shingles without damaging the solar panels. The project proved to be successful and showed Millstream are the right ones to call for any roof repair or replacement!

Windsor CT Roof Shingles Replacement - Photo 1
Glastonbury CT Roof and Chimney Project

This homeowner in Glastonbury gave Millstream Construction a call because they were experiencing some serious issues with their roof and chimney. It was fairly obvious to the customers that the roof was letting water in and the chimney was crumbling. After a careful evaluation, the team determined the shingles and the chimney needed to be replaced and rebuilt. Although the project looked challenging, Chris and the team completed the job to the satisfaction of the homeowners!

Glastonbury CT Roof and Chimney Project - Photo 1
New Tiles in Marlborough CT

The roof of this home was unique, having varying pitch - some steeper than others. It proved to be an interesting challenge but the team constructed a plan that would guarantee every area of this complex structure was completely protected. We used Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration onyx black shingles and the end result was remarkable.

New Tiles in Marlborough CT - Photo 1
Roof Shingles Replacement Glastonbury,CT

This customer in Glastonbury, CT was having some serious issues with leaking around dormers and in valleys on his home. Our HAAG Certified roof inspectors were able to quickly determine the problem areas and the measures it would take to resolve them.

Once on site, our team of professionals was able to remove the old shingles and replace over 50 sheets of plywood that had been rotted from the previous leaking issue. We installed Owens Corning Ice and Water Barrier thoroughly to all the problematic areas and wrapped it up behind the siding to create a seamless transition between the roof deck and the side wall.

On this house we installed Onyx Black Owens Corning True Definition Duration Series architectural shingles and gave the customer a Lifetime Platinum Protection Warranty for peace of mind when dealing with New England's harsh, unpredictable weather.

Roof Shingles Replacement Glastonbury,CT - Photo 1
Shingle Installation in Windsor, CT

The customer was having issues with leaking in the valley pictured above. Fortunately our crew of professionals was able to resolve the issue. We gave the homeowner peace of mind for years to come with our quality work using Owens Corning True Definition Quarry Grey architectural shingles, as well as providing them with a Platinum Protection Warranty from Owens Corning!

Shingle Installation in Windsor, CT - Photo 1
Loomis Chaffee Roof Shingles Replacement

The shingles at the Holmes Building within the Loomis Chaffee School compound were having issues with staining and algae growth causing them to fail prematurely and diminish the prestigious appearance of the building. Upon arrival, our team of professionals took care to move items away from the home as well as to install a heavy duty tarp to prevent any debris from scuffing siding or damaging landscaping around the home.

We installed Owens Corning True Definition Duration Series Quarry Grey architectural shingles on the building with an algae and stain resistance warranty, as well as a Lifetime Owens Corning Platinum Protection Warranty to ensure protection and a quality appearance for years to come. 

Loomis Chaffee Roof Shingles Replacement - Photo 1
New Roof Installation - Bristol, CT

The owner of this home in Bristol, CT was getting tired of the leaks in his roof. He constantly had to bring out buckets when a storm would pass by. After being frustrated for so long, he contacted Millstream Construction. Chris from Millstream met with the customer to see how extensive the leaking was. After a careful evaluation of the roof, Chris and the team at Millstream determined the home needed Owens Corning Ice and Water Barrier to help stop these leaks. To complete the project, new Owens Corning Tru Definition Duration shingles were installed and the home owner now has peace of mind thanks to the team at Millstream Construction.

New Roof Installation - Bristol, CT - Photo 1
Yellow Jacket Infestation in Wethersfield Connecticut

A home in Wethersfield CT was having a big problem. One area of their roof had been so weathered that the cap shingles were completely missing! Not only was that allowing the elements to enter the home but there were also yellow jackets entering the living space and causing serious safety and health concerns.

Once we were able to evaluate the roof we formulated a game plan to remove the three layers of failing shingles, siding that was against  the roof surface and replace some siding that would need to be changed because of the height difference of the new roofing.

We're happy to say that now that the job is complete there has been no more wildlife in the home. The homeowners are also happy that their new roof has a great contrast using Owens Corning Onyx Black shingles against white siding to bring out the depth and the diverse color pallet of the shingles.

Yellow Jacket Infestation in Wethersfield Connecticut - Photo 1
West Hartford, CT - Improperly Flashed Dormer Causing Roof Leak

The homeowner of this newly purchased West Hartord home contacted Millstream after noticing several leaks from the roof. we inspected the roof we determined that the issue was flashing where an added dormer met the existing roof line. The team was able to properly flash the dormer and install a great looking Owens Corning roofing system that will last for years to come.

West Hartford, CT - Improperly Flashed Dormer Causing Roof Leak - Photo 1
Enfield, CT - Wildlife in the Attic

A customer contacted Millstream Construction with an unusual problem: Birds in the attic. Once on site our highly trained roof inspectors were able to find the problem area and create a plan to resolve the issues. The attached picture is of the finished product featuring Owens Corning Onyx Black shingles.

Enfield, CT - Wildlife in the Attic - Photo 1
Lack of Deck Protection Proves Catastrophic for South Glastonbury, CT Home

This home in South Glastonbury Connecticut was getting a new roof to improve the looks of the home and provide decades of protection. Although the roof on the home wasn't very old the customers had been experiencing leaking especially when ice dams formed around their dormers.

Upon removal of the existing shingles we realized the cause - no deck protection. It's often overlooked, but one of the most important parts of a roof system is the underlayment. If anything penetrates the shingles such as ice or water after an object impacts and damages a shingle, it's the only protection for the home.

After replacing many sheets of plywood and installing adequate underlayment we are happy to say that there have been no issues and the home looks great with Onyx Black shingles by Owens Corning.

Lack of Deck Protection Proves Catastrophic for South Glastonbury, CT Home - Photo 1
Glastonbury, CT - New Roof Replacement System

This roof was unfortunately suffering from severe algae, moss, and lichen build up, something that is all too common here in New England. Our roofing system has an algae resistance coating that is designed to keep your roof free from these impairments for years to come. We removed the old roofing system accordingly and installed our professional Owens Corning 50 year/Lifetime warranty product. This homeowner can rest easy knowing their roof was professionally installed by Millstream Construction !

Glastonbury, CT - New Roof Replacement System - Photo 1
South Windsor, CT - Ice and Snow Damage Repair

Ice and snow has damaged the roofing system of this South Windsor home. The roof deck was in need of serious repair and the home was experiencing leaks from years of New England winters. The Millstream team put together a customized plan that made the work cost effective.

Roof Replacement and Chimney Work in Canton, Connecticut

The owners of this home in Canton Connecticut were looking to have some repairs done to their chimneys as well as to have their roof done, most contractors aren't equipped to properly repair masonry as well as install a quality roofing system, Millstream Construction however, is an exception.

Once we came up with a plan of action we scheduled the work quickly, having our mason go first so that no damage would come to their new roof should a brick or tool fall and strike it. Once the chimneys were thoroughly inspected and repaired, our roofing team arrived shortly after. Once we thoroughly protected the surrounding landscaping, we got to removing the old shingles. After an inspection of the roof deck by our HAAG Certified Inspector we determined that about four pieces of plywood needed to be replaced, we quickly removed them and replaced them so the foundation of the roofing system would be sound and ready to protect the home for decades. Once that was done, ice and water barrier and Deck Defense synthetic underlayment went up in a flash! Last but certainly not least, new Owens Corning True Definition Duration Series shingles went on the roof in the color of Colonial Slate, along with DuraRidge Hip and Ridge caps designed to out perform in high wind conditions. 

We're glad to say that the homeowners are ecstatic with the way their new roof looks as well as their Platinum Protection Warranty offered by Millstream Construction, an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor servicing ALL of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Roof Replacement and Chimney Work in Canton, Connecticut - Photo 1
Roof Replacement Southington, CT - Roofing Meeting Siding Concern

At this home the customer wanted to make sure the area where the roof met with the siding was properly sealed. In the past they experienced several problems with leaks but we assured them the situation will be fixed. The team applied an ice and water membrane on the roof deck and removed siding to wrap the membrane up the walls to create a seamless protective barrier. Now the home is fully protected from these leaks for years to come!

Roof Replacement Southington, CT - Roofing Meeting Siding Concern - Photo 1
Windsor, CT - Morse Building Re-Roof

Millstream Construction worked on the Morse Building within the Loomis Chaffee School campus this past week. This is the finished work featuring Owens Corning Desert Tan shingles. We're honored that they gave us the opportunity to restore beauty to this home with history and character while also ensuring protection for years to come.

Windsor, CT - Morse Building Re-Roof - Photo 1
Broad Brook, CT - Gambrel (Barn) Re-Roof

This gambrel or barn style roof in Broad Brook CT needed new shingles and new plywood decking due to years of water damage.The roofing specialists at Millstream Construction were able to quickly and correctly repair the roof system to offer years of protection down the road.

Broad Brook, CT - Gambrel (Barn) Re-Roof - Photo 1
North Granby, CT - Broan Vent Installation

The homeowner of this North Granby home was extremely concerned about ice damming on the roof. When we inspected the home we discovered the vent for the bathroom fan ended in the attic. It was a baffling to see something like that in the attic. We decided to install a vent that directs the air flow to roof instead of the attic. They were pleased our solution will save them thousands of dollars in the future from any ice damming in the future.

North Granby, CT - Broan Vent Installation - Photo 1
New Britain, CT - Roof Replacement

This home in New Britain, CT needed a new roof as soon as possible. The homeowners contacted Millstream Construction, and the roofing experts at Millstream provided them with a custom plan. The job completed on schedule, and the home now has new Owens Corning Shingles that will provide them protection for a very long time.

New Britain, CT - Roof Replacement - Photo 1
Flashing on Stucco Home in Rocky Hill Connecticut

Last year we did some work to this stucco home in Rocky Hill, the owner was tired of having leaks during the winter months and during heavy rains. He made the right choice and called the HAAG certified roofing specialists at Millstream Construction. Upon arrival at his home we did a though inspection, determining the areas of his concern and others that could be problematic in the future. Some areas of the roof met directly with stucco siding on the home, complicating the removal of old step flashing to replace it with new material. 

While many of our competitors will take on projects such as this they simply send a subcontracted crew of roofing installers who may have experience on simple roofing system, but don't have the finesse to deal with complex situations such as were on this home. Millstream Construction continues to set itself apart from the majority of the industry however. On every one of our jobs we have a highly trained project manager, someone not only with extensive education on roofing systems and proper installation methods but also with real world hands on experience in asphalt, EPDM, slate and metal roofing. This way while the roof is being installed there is an attentive, courteous professional making sure that all of our customers receive the value of what they paid for and peace of mind. Should any problems arise our managers will quickly, efficiently and properly resolve any issues to keep projects on schedule and ensure satisfaction.

We are happy to say that after heavy rain, snow, ice and everything in between this home has not had any issues with an Owens Corning roofing system designed and installed to last a lifetime.

Flashing on Stucco Home in Rocky Hill Connecticut - Photo 1
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