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Ice Damming

Ice dams form on the outside but can damage ceilings, walls, and floors of your home. We help you prevent this leaking.

What is an ice dam? It'snowmeltow melt re-freezes on the roof eaves and water gets trapped behind the "dam" of ice.

The water usually has nowhere to go then and saturates or goes under shingles and cracks and can cause water damage on the inside of the home or in the home's structures like walls, floors, ceilings, etc.

Here at Millstream Construction, we offer solutions to repair damage to your roof caused by ice damming, as well as prevent ice dams from forming on your roof.

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Prevention Is Key to an Ice Dam-Free Roof

How do ice dams form?

  • Snow stays on the roofing
  • Warm air from your living space or warmer temps during the day causing the snow to melt high on the roof.
  • Roof eaves are missing sheathing under them which can cause the water to soak into structural materials of the home.

It's not practical to rake the roof every time it snows but you can work on reducing how much heat goes into your attic (which warms the roofing up and can cause the snow to melt). 

Usually we seal air leaks in the attic and a few other things. Keeping the attic ventilated is important too so it's about the same temperature as the outdoor temperature.

Another thing you can do is have an experienced roofer install a protective "ice and water" shield on your roof eaves where ice dams usually take form.

Please note: Many building codes (this may vary by state and town) stipulate that this ice dam membrane protection must extend at least 24 inches inside the heated wall space of a house. However, older houses may not have such protection.

Millstream Construction Protects Your Roof from Ice Dams in the Greater Hartford & Glastonbury area

When you have a new roof installed or a roof replaced, it’s essential to have ice and water shield protection installed as well. At Millstream Construction we always ensure that your home is receiving all the products and services it needs to keep you safe and dry. Contact us today to find out which roofing services are most appropriate for your home! We proudly serve West Hartford, Wethersfield, Manchester, Farmington, New Canaan, Glastonbury, West Simsbury, and the surrounding areas!

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