Windows, Doors, and Insulation

Windows, Doors, and Attic Insulation Installation for Connecticut Homeowners

Energy Efficiency, Cosmetic Improvements, and Increased Home Value!

In a time where costs and energy demands seem to be constantly increasing, considering a few home improvements becomes essential. Did you know that by increasing your attic insulation alone, you can reduce your energy loss by up to 20%? Dollar bills are literally floating out of your attic, windows and doors! A scary thought for all of us.

Millstream Construction is here to provide energy efficient solutions in order to save you money every single month on your energy bills. Providing a large array of standard and custom windows and doors, we can present you with quality solutions to your energy loss needs. Contact us today to get started.

Expert Feature and Design Consultation

Afraid of picking the wrong windows or doors? Rest assured that our consultants will meet with you in your home and properly guide you in selecting the right windows and doors that will meet your budget, energy, and aesthetic goals. 

Upgrading your windows and doors not only improves the curb appeal of your home, but the products available today are better than they have ever been!

Enjoy Features such as:

  • Variety of choices of colors to match your needs
  • Custom hardware colors and designs
  • Low-E UV blocking Glass
  • Sound Reduction
  • Zero Window Draft Design and Features
  • Easy to Clean Double Hung Options
  • Rot Resistant Frames and components

Energy-Saving Attic Insulation

As an added bonus to your window and door project, we offer blown-in attic solutions that will not only save you big bucks, but will also bring your house up to current attic insulation code requirements. It is said that over 85% of homes built in Connecticut before 2005 are severely under-insulated. Could yours be one? We would be happy to assess your attic when we visit you for your FREE consultation for any of our services!



Save Big with these incentive and tax reduction Programs!!!

Federal and State Tax Incentives:

State Financing Assistance Programs

Simonton Window and Door Tax Credits:

Provia Window and Door Tax Credits: 

Velux skylight Tax Credits:

Therma-Tru Energy Qualification:


Consider these Ratings:

  1. U-Factor
  2. Heat Gain Coefficient
  3. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
  4. Energy Star Rating

When replacing single pane windows with Energystar Rated Windows, savings could be up to 22% of heating and cooling costs annually. 

Reduce C02 emissions annually to be the equivalent of burning 50-300 Gallons of Gasoline.

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